Micropigmentation for permanent lip color

10 Things to Know About Semi-Permanent Makeup

Getting your favorite makeup looks, fuller eyebrows, longer lashes, and softly tinted lips has never been as easy, as it has become with the latest micro-pigmentation and microblading techniques. Semi-permanent makeup gained massive popularity, as soon as it hit the market. Everyone from Hollywood divas to fashion designers, from working ladies to students has received semi-permanent makeup with open arms. A look at the Instagram posts under the hashtags #semipermanentmakeup and #micropigmentation would be enough to reveal the impact it has had on the beauty industry.


This article intends to inform our new customers as well as the existing ones about what micro-pigmentation entails. It is also important to clear out the myths and rumors that have been associated with these makeup techniques. Have a look at the list of 10 must-know things about semi-permanent makeup:


1.     What Is Semi-Permanent Makeup?

Known by many names like permanent makeup, cosmetic tattoo treatment, and micropigmentation, semi-permanent makeup is a technique used to provide you a long-lasting makeup look. Trained professionals choose pigments that suit your natural facial features and apply them onto the dermal layer of your skin. The overall process is very similar to getting a tattoo. However, the purpose of this makeup technique is to accentuate your natural features and make you 24×7 selfie-ready!

2.     What Are Some of the Most Wanted Semi-Permanent Makeup Services?

While some people have a well-planned makeup routine and can use everything in their makeup palates, some people just can’t afford to invest so much time with eyebrow pencils, eyeliners, lash curlers, and picking out the most “natural-looking” lipstick shade. Such people are naturally inclined towards the following services:

  • Eyelash extension
  • Semi-permanent eyeliner
  • Microblading for fuller brows
  • Full lip blushes
  • Artificial freckles

3.     Is It Really Permanent?

One thing you must know is that even though the pigments fade away after an amount of time, some ink molecules can remain embedded in your skin. While you can easily remove eyelash extensions, some services like lip color and filled in brows can be a bit more permanent. This is why it is highly recommended to consult a professional and discuss all the pros and cons before getting a treatment done.

4.     Who Can Benefit From It?

All those who love makeup but don’t want to apply it daily or are too busy to follow a makeup routine can benefit from semi-permanent makeup. Moreover, athletes and celebrities can also make the most of it. Semi-permanent makeup is for you if you wish to redefine some of your facial features or wish to cover scars resulted from surgeries or accidents.

5.     Is it Painful?

One myth associated with semi-permanent makeup is that it might be too painful. This is absolutely incorrect. Just because it’s called a tattoo doesn’t mean it has to be painful. The techniques are gentle and your makeup artist will surely use numbing products before beginning the process. Your lips might feel a bit tender after getting a permanent lip color or your eyes can feel a bit sore after getting lash extensions; however, this is mere discomfort which may last just a couple of days.

: Filling in eyebrows with ink


6.     What Can Be The Expected Cost?

Some treatments are more expensive than the rest. The cost will mainly depend upon the quality of products and the skills and experience of the artist. It would be best to search for salons that offer good services at affordable rates. You should expect prices from £200 to £1000.

7.     What Can Be The Expected Results?

Eyeliner and lip colors are usually applied keeping in mind that it should appear as natural as possible. After all, people don’t want to look like they are ready for a party 24×7. This means that the results are subtle. The results of microblading on eyebrows would be fine, as the artist will draw individual hair strokes to fill out the gaps and give a fuller look. In the case of eyelashes, you can try classic natural-looking lashes or opt for a more dramatic look with a C curl.

8.     How Long Will The Makeup Last?

The answer to this question may differ from person to person. Several factors like genes, skin type, climate, maintenance, and sun exposure can affect how long your makeup will last. However, eyelash extensions would generally last up to 4 weeks, whereas an eyeliner tattoo would last for a year. Semi-permanent BB cream would last somewhere around 6 months to 1 year. Eyebrow and lip tattoos can last for a year. You might require a touch up once makeup starts to fade away.

9.     Are There Any Risks Or Side Effects?

Professional practitioners would conduct a test before going all in. They’ll check for any possible allergic reactions. Although the makeup is rather risk-free, some people have sensitive skin and can experience some side effects. Allergies might not be too critical and will only last for 48 hours after the treatment.

10.   Can I Get It Removed If I Want?

Yes, removal of semi-permanent makeup is possible. Specialized gentle lasers are available for this purpose. There are also treatments available to accelerate the healing process and manage any scars left. Another removal method is topical lightening. During the removal process, the professional must ensure the safety of the hair follicles.

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