Eyelash Lift and Curl

Are you tired of no-makeup looks that you still have to apply mascara for? Are you scared of the commitment that comes with eyelash extensions? If this sounds relatable, our eyelash lift and curl services are just for you!

It takes time and effort to look our best. We spend quite a bit of time every day standing in front of the mirror and making small tweaks here and there until we’re ready. But sometimes we want to head out just as we are! This is where we can help.

The Eyelash Lift and Curl service from Simply Beauty can take your morning routine down several notches.

Benefits of Eyelash Lift & Curl

The eyelash lift and curl service lets you enhance your natural lashes without the need for continuous maintenance. You can ditch the eyelash curler and make your morning routine much quicker than usual. Plus, no more worrying about heading out with bare eyes!

Compared with procedures like eyelash extensions, the eyelash lift and curl asks you for less commitment and takes your comfort into account. Your eyes will feel as light as they always did – only your lashes will need no curler.

The Procedure

After making sure that the lashes are completely clean and free of residue, a silicone mold is glued to the eyelid. Next, the esthetician will curl the lashes using the mold as a base. The lashes will be separated with an instrument. Once the esthetician can see individual lashes, a perm solution is applied to them for barely ten minutes—and voila! You’re all done.

The entire procedure takes barely 45 minutes. It is painless, and the best part is that it aims at improving what you already have. In the lift and curl, there is no element of artificiality.

Long-Lasting Results

The results may be temporary, but it doesn’t mean they will go away in a day. The results of the Simply Beauty lash lift and curl can last anywhere between 6 and 8 weeks!

Professional Services

Mariana Olexiuc is our professional esthetician that has performed the procedure many times over, and the clients walk out satisfied and happy each time! She has the competence, and the right experience and qualifications to give her clients exactly what they want.

You can also use our eyelash lift and curl in combination with our lash tinting services. If you want to be completely free of any chemicals near your eye for at least 6-8 weeks, ditch the mascara and refer to our expert esthetician!

For more information about this procedure or to schedule an appointment with our expert esthetician, give us a call on 07702 040670 and we will book you a slot! Once our cosmetic technician is sure this procedure is right for you, she will begin right away.