Microblading is one of the most popular cosmetic tattooing techniques among women in the UK. The method focuses on creating semi-permanent and super realistic hair stroke brows by using a disposable hand tool featuring fine needles that deposit pigments in the skin’s upper dermis layer for eyebrows that look natural and enhanced.

If you want to pursue a successful career with a long-term business in cosmetic tattooing, then our microblading training course is ideal for you.

Why Train with Mariana Olexiuc?

Led by our fully-insured, experienced and qualified cosmetic technician at Simply Beauty Ltd, Mariana Olexiuc is a master trainer who will train you in microblading for success.

Our highly practical, intensive and comprehensive microblading course designed and conducted by Mariana Olexiuc will provide you with quality training, skills and knowledge required to create flawlessly beautiful microbladed hair stroke brows for your clients. It is a two day course with two case studies. The course is developed to cover theory along with teaching students the practical use of a microblading hand-tool.

At Simply Beauty Ltd, our independent trainer has a rich experience in microblading and is a member of the ABT (Associated Beauty Therapist). Furthermore, Mariana only enrolls a maximum number of two students in each course as it allows here to provide quality training with full attention to the candidates. This helps her ensure that her students develop a strong understanding of microblading and leave with confidence knowing that they are trained and provided with the best skill-set that they need to offer their clients.

Who Can Benefit?

Our microblading cosmetic tattooing course is best suited for beauticians who want to enhance or grow their set of skills, or pursue a lucrative career in the field of aesthetic treatments as a qualified makeup specialist.

What are the Training Dates, and Where is the Academy located?

Individual arrangements give the training dates. The location for our microblading training course is offered at our salon, which is located in a private house.

Course Content

Our course is a combination of theory and practical use. The theory aspect of the course includes:

Theory includes:

Practical work includes:

Please note that each student must bring 1 model to undertake microblading professional treatment. This is compulsory to complete the final assessment and get the attendance diploma.

At Simply Beauty Ltd., we go the extra mile to ensure that our candidates are well-skilled. This quite evident from the fact that we continue to provide our candidates with post-training support as well as mentoring via email or phone.

Case Studies

As mentioned above, following our microblading course, you will be required to carry 2 case studies on your own before the final assessment. Once you complete the case studies and your final assessment, you will be given a diploma from Simply Beauty Ltd.

For more information about the course, price structure, or to enroll with us, call on 07702 040670.

This is your ultimate chance to get trained by a leading industry professional one-on-one and upgrade

your skill-set for better career opportunities and growth.