Russian Volume xD Eyelash Extension

Originated from Russia, the Russian Volume (xD) eyelash extension technique is the application of customised fan of eyelash extensions created with thin lashes and then applied to a single natural eye lash. This semi-permanent technique is a layering approach that builds lashes into 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D and up to 20D effect; hence the name xD. The x is the number of lashes that is applied to a single natural eyelash.

This technique creates waves for all the right reasons. It is a semi-permanent technique so women can have voluminous and long lashes 24x7 for more than 3 months. The feature type display effect gives extreme volume to the lashes which can’t be achieved from any other technique.

Enroll with us today and add Russian volume xD eyelash extension technique to your specialised services. Take your earning potential to a new level as more and more clients are scheduling for this procedure.

Mariana Olexiuc Trains like No Other

Our Russian volume xD eyelash extension training course is accredited by ABT and offered by our Mariana Olexiuc. She is a recognised, experienced and fully-insured cosmetic technician who performs this treatment in her salon on a daily basis. Mariana has a growing list of clients including both satisfied customers and referrals which is a testament of the quality of services and her expertise.

Mariana trains only two students at a time. This allows her to pay full attention to her students and ensure that both gain the best knowledge and expertise from the course and take the limelight as well-trained lash masters.

This is a [insert number] day intensive course of [insert number] hours. In this course our trainer will teach you the art of mastering this technique. She will share with you tips and secrets on how to pile on volume without stressing on the natural eyelashes. Moreover, she will also teach you how xD allows for creative and greater options by mastering fans.

Candidate Requirements

To enroll in this course you must be a trained lash technician with at least 3 months of experience.

Course Content

Course content includes:

We will provide training equipment on the day and course completion does not require any case study.

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