Henna Brow Styling with Warm Wax Hair Removal

Are you tired of filling in your brows' sparseness with an eye pencil and brow gels? Are you looking for a lasting solution? Schedule a consultation for Henna brow styling procedure with our experienced esthetician, Mariana Olexiuc. Henna brow styling is a type of eyebrow tinting procedure that is growing massively popular among women in the UK. The procedure offers an excellent solution to women struggling to design and fill in sparse brows or disguise overly plucked brows.
It is used to stain the skin under the eyebrow hairs casting a shadow and giving an illusion of fullness and depth in the area, thereby visually filling the sparseness.

Henna Brow Styling with Warm Wax Hair Removal—How Does it Work?

The Henna brow styling procedure is carefully combined with warm wax hair removal technique to deliver the best results. The combination of the two not only fills the brows but also gives you a neat and clean structured finish—delivering you the best value for money.
Administered by Mariana Olexiuc, the procedure starts with the sculpting of the brow line with warm wax. Hair is removed into your preferred shape. Once that is done, a suitable shade of Henna is then used to tint the brows.
The mixture of Henna is skillfully applied through the eyebrows shape. It is then allowed to soak into the skin for 15 to 20 minutes. Less intensity is applied in the brows with more strength to the arch and tail to get the perfect ombre effect.

How Long Does the Procedure Last?

The procedure is easy and quick, lasting for about thirty to forty minutes.

How Long do the Results Last?

On average, the results may last for about two to four weeks, depending on the skin type. It lasts longer for women with dryer complexion than on those with an oily one.

Ideal Candidate

Any woman with little hair on their brows, or who want to fill sparseness in the brows is an ideal candidate for the procedure.

Pre-Procedure Advice

Before the procedure is scheduled, you will have to get a patch test. This must be done at least 48 hours before the procedure. Also, make sure to softly exfoliate your eyebrows before the appointment to remove the dead skin cells. Remember that the Henna works best on the cleanest skin. Furthermore, avoid tanning at least three days before the procedure as it can alter the Henna stain.


After the procedure, make sure to follow these tips:

Schedule a Consultation

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