Hydrafacial Treatments at Simply Beauty MK

At Simply Beauty MK, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best and most innovative cosmetic treatments. HydraFacial is now being offered at our aesthetic clinic. The procedure is administered by Mariana Olexiuc—the founder and owner of Simply Beauty MK. She is a certified, fully insured, qualified, and well-trained cosmetic technician with rich professional experience.

Hydrafacial—An Overview of the Platform

Hydrafacial is an innovative total skin management platform featuring four highly-effective and advanced technologies. These technologies can be used separately, but when combined, they offer an intense aesthetic treatment focusing on:

Featured Technologies

HydroMedi (HydraFacial)

Hydrafacial is a vacuum technology that creates small bubbles when combined with a nutrient solution. The hydrofacial suction, turbulence and the formulated solutions go deep down into the skin that:

It is followed by a nourishing hydration treatment with Vitamin C, leaving your skin nourished and refreshed. There is practically no downtime, and it is suitable for all skin types.


This technology exfoliates the skin gently. It is beneficial for mature and sensitive skin. The procedure uses a vibrational top with a skin-nourishing gel. Our expert selects the perfect frequency to exfoliate the skin gently. It produces tiny CO2 bubbles that penetrate the skin. They pop deep inside the skin that helps release oxygen from the small blood capillaries—promoting skin rejuvenation.

QuadPolar RF

It utilizes radio frequency that contracts collagen in the skin. It heats the skin to 41˚C, which causes the collagen fibres in the skin to shrink and leave excess space. It further promotes collagen production, filling the space, leading to tighter skin and increased fibres within the skin tissues. Furthermore, the contraction of collagen and hyperplasia removes wrinkles and improves the skin's texture immediately and dramatically.


The Ultra+Serum technology provides ultrasonic vibration. 1MHz high-frequency ultrasound stimulates the skin and generates micro heat. This further speeds up the metabolism of the skin cells and promotes blood circulation. The results are produced skin deep in the form of hydrated and tightened skin. Moreover, the serum used in the procedure is a potent mixture that provides essential nutrients to the skin cells, such as Ferulic acid, Vitamin C, E, B5 and B3.

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For more information about these treatments or to benefit from them, it is advisable to schedule a consultation with our expert. Mariana Olexiuc will first evaluate your skin. Our expert will suggest you the best skincare treatment depending on the evaluation results and your cosmetic goals.