Lash and Brow Tinting

After getting hair dyed, some clients feel that their bold and new look is still incomplete because of their eyelashes and brows. This is when you can recommend and provide them with lash and brow tinting services. By using this procedure you can give them a pretty pop of colour that blends and matches beautifully with their dyed hair and gives a beauty boost that makes jaw drops and heads turn. Offer your clients to trade-in their mascara and brow pencils with lash and brow tinting for a get up and go makeup free look.

If you’re excited to make this service addition in your portfolio but need to learn the skill, then enrol in our eyelash and brow tinting training course today.

Mariana Olexiuc Will Train You for Success

Our eyelash and brow tinting course is a three hour program led by our experienced, certified, and fully-insured cosmetic technician—Mariana Olexiuc. She will be your train for the day and provide you with the perfect combination of knowledge and technical expertise that you need to perform eyelash and brow tinting procedure on your clients with sheer precision and confidence and deliver them satisfactory results.

This is an ABT accredited course. Furthermore, unlike others, Mariana only enrols two students in her course at a time. This allows her to give full attention to both students and train them for success by resolving all their queries, questions and teaching them the procedure seamlessly.

She will provide you with step-by-step training and equipment to perform the procedure accurately. Mariana will share all the details on how to provide a personalised and beautifying experience to your clients. Not only will she teach you the skill but also guide you on how to select and use industry leading products to achieve perfection and deliver a stunning look to each client.

Our goal is to teach you the art along with the tips and techniques that makes this procedure 100 percent safe for your clients. After completing this course with Mariana you’ll be able to perfect lash and brow tinting procedure.

Who Can Benefit?

Anybody who wants to pursue their career as a beauty artist or beauticians who want to learn new skills and offer specialised services to their clients can enroll with us. No prior experience or qualification is required.

Course Content

The topics covered include:

Please note that students should bring their own models to perform the procedure practically. Also, no case study is needed for course completion.

For more information about our eyelash and brow tinting training course, price structure, or to enroll

with us, call on 07702 040670.