Eyelash Extensions

Growing massively in popularity among women, eyelash extension is one skill that every beautician should add to their repertoire of specialised services. Learning and mastering the art of eyelash extensions can help you meet the demand of your clients and earn good money as it is a highly sought-after service in and across the UK.

If you want to learn the skill on a tight schedule, then enrol in our one day ABT accredited eyelash extensions training course.

Why Should You Acquire Eyelash Extensions Training from Mariana Olexiuc?

Our master trainer, Mariana Olexiuc, also the founder and owner of Simply Beauty Ltd. is a fully-insured, qualified, and a well-trained cosmetic technician with a rich professional experience in eyelash extensions. Mariana delivers beautiful, long and thick lashes to her clients on an ongoing basis so she knows how it works. Her unmatched expertise and vast knowledge in this domain enables her to provide exceptional services to her clients, ensuring that they are fully-satisfied and happy with the results.

Now Mariana is all set to impart her knowledge and train other beauticians to win the trust and respect of their clients by offering quality eyelash extensions services. From teaching students the basics to the nitty-gritty’s of eyelash extensions procedure and technicalities such as how to carefully separate natural lashes using a tweezer to reveal a one healthy eyelash, she will share the wealth of knowledge and experience that she has gained over the years with her students.

Who can enrol with us?

At Simply Beauty Ltd. our eyelash extensions course is designed and developed to provide both beginners and qualified lash technicians (that require a refresher course) with complete knowledge and access to tools that they need to develop and enhance their lashing skills.

Course Content and Learning Outcome

With Mariana Olexiuc, you will not only learn to apply as well as remove lash extensions but also learn how to adapt the application process accurately to the eye-shape of your client in order to achieve the best and desired results.

During the training course all practical assessment for any of the eyelash extensions procedure will be done on a doll head. This course does not require a live model.

The course includes a complete starter’s kit. This kit will include all products and necessary tools that you need to complete your practical training such as lashbond adhesive, needle point tweezers, eyelash brush, jade stone, adhesive remover and microfiber brushes.

Students will receive step-by-step training from ABT accredited expert. No case studies are required for eyelash extensions course. Once complete, you will be able to perform the procedure successfully on your clients.

For more information about the course, price structure, or to enrol with us, call on 07702 040670.

Master the Art of Eyelash Extensions Today and Cater to Your Clients with Sheer Confidence.