Dermaplaning Training Course

One Day Hands On Comprehensive and Accredited Dermaplaning Training Course—Enhance Your Beauty Business by offering a new and popular treatment to your clients

It is an invasive and safe skin exfoliating treatment performed with the help of a surgical scalpel. The results are immediate, which includes smooth, soft and glowing skin, along with the removal of tiny vellus hair. So, to meet the ongoing demand of your current and prospective customers for the Dermaplaning procedure, add this skill to your service portfolio.

Thus, learn from the industry's best to master the art of providing safe, effective and satisfactory Dermaplaning procedures to clients. And this is why Simply Beauty is the first choice among candidates for acquiring Dermaplaning training.

Mariana Olexiuc—Expert, Experienced, and Certified Cosmetic Trainer

Mariana Olexiuc administers all skin care treatments and training courses at Simply Beauty. She is a highly-experienced and certified cosmetic technician strongly committed to delivering the highest quality and the latest beauty treatments to clients.

Likewise, her passion for beauty and skincare allows her to take out time from her tight schedule to train candidates who want to excel, grow, and deliver the best procedures to their clients just like her. As she continues to stay abreast of the newest procedures, Mariana is always ready to impart knowledge and play her role in training and grooming professionals for success.

Our Dermaplaning course is ABT accredited, insured and led by Mariana Olexiuc. She will train you to use the surgical scalpel to perform this technique and gently scrape the dulling skin cells and tiny hairs without damaging the skin.

She will empower you with both theoretical and practical knowledge for solid understanding. Extending training courses for years, Mariana is skilled at offering detailed classroom instructions and hands-on experience for candidates enrolled with her. Furthermore, she only inducts two students in each class to ensure quality training with complete attention and satisfaction.

Who Can Train With Us?

Prerequisites for this course are a VRQ OR NVQ LEVEL 2. It is a popular and skilled skincare treatment course that we offer to:

Course Content

The course is divided into two sections—theory and practical. Here’s the content as follows:

Theory :

Once you complete the Dermaplaning training course with us, you will get your certification and be qualified to offer Dermaplaning to your clients.

How Much Can You Charge for a Dermaplaning Procedure?

In general, for a thirty-minute Dermaplaning treatment, you can charge between £50 and £75. However, pricing is variable depending on your market reputation, experience, and location.

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This is a one-day intensive training course that will help you learn how to deliver the best dermaplaning procedure to customers on a professional level. For more information about Dermaplaning training course, pricing structure, or to enroll with us, call at 07702 040670.