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Micropigmentation for permanent lip color

How to Find a Permanent Makeup Artist?

Read Reviews

The most excellent method of approaching a true and talented permanent makeup artist is to survey their reviews. Several artists have their own social media platforms where you can easily read authentic reviews from their previous clients. However, in the end, it will be your decision by your understanding but a few reviews can really be useful in understanding a particular artist’s methods and techniques.

Ask About Training

Permanent makeup and cosmetic treatments are extremely complex and focus-worthy crafts which require a lot of practice and training. Don’t shy away from asking the makeup artist about their qualifications or from where they got trained. Make sure the artist you choose is trained from a respectable and well-known academy and has the know-how of all recent industry developments so that you feel comfortable and secure.

View Their Portfolio

Another most important way to choose the best makeup artist is to observe their previous work. Make sure they demonstrate their methods with the examples and pictures of earlier clients, both before and after treatment.  Ask them to showcase the variety of their work so that you can get a sense of their work and style.

Ensure You Feel Comfortable

Comfort is the most necessary part of any artist’s work. The makeup artist you choose should make you feel comfortable and relaxed during their treatment. Trust and communication are two important elements that you should have with your makeup artist so that you can openly discuss your desires and requirements along with any query regarding the treatment.


What to Look for in a Permanent Makeup Artist

The Artist Should Be Clean and Tidy

The primary quality a permanent makeup artist should have is cleanliness. Make sure that whomever you are choosing is an organized and tidy person. All great makeup artists are obsessed with their clients’ health and well-being. It is essential for the makeup artist to comprehensively clean their workstations after every client, as it is the matter of the person’s health and safety. An artist should never be too self-satisfied and overlook the principles.


The Artist Should Be Focused

Always examine the way the artist is handling your or someone else’s face. It is quite important for them to concentrate on what they are doing at all times. They should keep their head on the job as they’ve got a micro-blade in their hand. While doing the treatment, it is vital that the artists avoid any conversation with the client or their colleagues and his/her mind is crystal clear. That’s the only way they’ll be able to do justice with the art. You should make sure that there is no blaring music playing, as it diverts the attention of the makeup artist.


The Artist Should Be Creative

For every permanent makeup artist, whenever the doors of their clinic open a different individual enters with unique facial features. Whether it is their eyebrows or lips, each client is different. Hence, it is important for the artist to have the imagination to create something that is absolutely remarkable. Make sure the person from whom you are receiving this treatment have an artistic eye and, with the help of their talent, can bring out the best in you.


The Artist Should Be Persistent

Permanent makeup and microblading are high-end treatments that require time and determination to construct a well-known reputation. Choose someone who has worked hard for them to reach the industry and has developed their skill from nothing to something. Make sure the artist you chose is persistent and strong-minded with a set of skills and expertise that is satisfactory.


The Artist Should Be Professional

Along with being neat and well trained, any makeup artist must be professional. Whether it is in person or on the phone, it is significant to maintain a professional manner with the client. Ensure that your makeup artist behaves professionally from the moment you meet them to the moment you leave. Moreover, the makeup artist ought to be amicable so that the clients can ask them queries they have before going ahead with the treatment. Makeup artists should be smooth in their discussions and refined with the presentations of the treatment.


The Artist Should Be Patient

It is no secret that many people do not trust a complete stranger to treat their face. This means that they might require time to contemplate the shape or shade suggested by you. They expect you to change or adjust the look to their likeness. It is the responsibility of the makeup artists to take care of the client’s needs and be patient. If observed closely, the finest permanent cosmetics technicians possess the qualities of being patient and a good listener. Look for the artists who are cool-headed with their concerned clients and provide them with the time they need to become accustomed to how the treatment will change their appearance.


Luckily, you get all the aforementioned qualities in our permanent makeup experts at Simply Beauty! Book an appointment or give us a call to get to know us!

: Image of a woman’s grey eye with complimenting eye shadow and a perfectly groomed eyebrow

If eyes are the gateways to the soul, eyebrows are certainly the arches that make them aesthetically pleasing. A stunning couple of brows can complete your ‘perfect look’. Eyebrows have the power to give definition to your face, that’s why it’s extremely important to groom them. Get to know what suits your face and check out the latest brow trends. Brows indeed have their very rich and popular history– the uber-thin arch, the cupid’s bow of the 1920s, the angled arches of bombshell Marilyn Monroe in the 50s, Madonna’s bushy brows in the 80s, or the filled-in full brows of the Kardashians today, eyebrow trends have defined entire decades as well as the fashionistas that rocked them.

Unlike previous eras, the age of social media has made it nearly impossible to ignore what’s in. It’s 2019 and ladies surely love to be on the top of their brow game. Since trends are changing by the minute, we have done some research for our beautiful readers about the latest eyebrow trends. Read on to know the top 5 latest eyebrow trends that you must know to stay ahead of your arches!


Kylie Jenner sporting the “Instagram Brows” look

The infamous Instagram brow took the fashion world by storm. The trend started in 2014 and continued to gain popularity as beauty bloggers and trained and amateur online makeup artists flaunted their defined brows through their viral Insta posts and makeup tutorials. This trend is heavily dependent upon the art of contouring and filling the brows to give them a dramatized effect. This look became Kylie Jenner’s signature eyebrow look.

This brow begins with a softer and lighter shade and gets deeper and more defined as it reaches the tail. This creates an ombre effect. Hollywood celebrities have been seen adorning this swoon-worthy, polished, and heavily contoured brow look at multiple instances.


Image of Saoirse Ronan with Au Naturale Brows at the movie premiere of The Host


After the highly defined, painted brow look, the trend is shifting towards more natural-looking eyebrows. Au naturale brows are all about celebrating the natural shape of the brows with the tiny spaces within. This look is the most easily attainable and low maintenance look for your brows.  Depending on the individual skin tone, brow tints are added to the natural growth to get a fuller brow look. Cara Delevingne’s au naturale brows have got everyone yearning for them. “Lady Bird” star Saoirse Ronan also flaunts this look flawlessly by leaving the brows in their natural appearance; however, you may use a pair of tweezers to get rid of some strays to achieve a rather cleaner natural look.


Kiernan Shipka with her Feathered Brows


When it comes to the feathered brows, one size does fit all. This suits all brow shapes and sizes. You can make your eyebrows look instantly fuller, even if they have certain sparse spaces. The trend is shifting towards a messier look. Apply brow gel to add volume to the brow and brush the hair upwards and outwards to get the feathered look. The gel will hold the hair. You can also draw lighter strokes underneath to create the illusion of individual brow hair. Blend the strokes with a spoolie. Avoid overdoing the strokes!


: Image of Dakota Fanning at the "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" Los Angeles Premiere


Soft arches are replacing the pointed arches, according to the latest trends. Gentle, softer curves, instead of angular arches, are the new favorites. This look is achieved by using brow powder in place of a brow pencil. Using a brush, apply the powder and then blend it well with a spoolie.


Kate Bosworth’s Eyebrows with straight tails


Straighter brow tails give your face a more angular look, just like a facelift. This trend is a great way to keep your brows on fleek! Straight tails make the arch less prominent. The downward hairs are removed to make your brows straighter. You can also use makeup to trace the tail up and out, towards the temples.


Additional trends like dyed and highlighted brows are also quite popular. You can have fun with your brows by adding a pop of vibrant color. Highlighting, on the other hand, is quite easy: simply apply a slick of highlighter on the brow bone and blend to emphasize the lift and shape of the brow.

The latest microblading technology gives you the freedom to adopt any of these              brow styles. Waxing, threading, plucking, and penciling the eyebrows to achieve these looks can be tiresome. Hollywood divas have certainly realized it and are shifting towards microblading or eyebrow tattoos. The semi-permanent makeup technology creates an illusion of hair by drawing hair-like strokes with a microblading pen. If you are wondering which of these trends would suit your face or how you can make eyebrow grooming hassle-free, contact the professionally trained artists at Simply Beauty to get the answers!

An Asian girl wondering about microblading.

Congratulations! If you’ve finally got your ideal pair of arches, you are now a part of those millions of women, including the likes of Queen Cleopatra, who are ready to take initiatives to transform into a well-groomed and more beautiful version of themselves. Microblading is an innovative technique that employs a super-fine pen-like device with microblades that are used to draw hair-like strokes and deposit pigment in them to create the illusion of perfectly shaped eyebrows. Not only does this method saves you from filling-in and shaping your brows every morning but they also make you feel gorgeous!

“No pain, no gain” is a famous mantra that applies to microblading. The microblading experience is based on pigment application and the healing process that follows. People often ace the application process as the procedure itself is relatively painless, but the healing process might be challenging for someone who is clueless about what to expect. Knowing what to expect can make the whole journey smooth and comfortable. To save our lovely readers and clients from all the confusion, this article provides them the proper know-how about the healing process after the microblading.

Here’s a day-to-day guide for the 30-day healing process after you’ve got microblading done:

Day 1

Wo-ho! It’s the big day! You’ve finally taken that leap of faith and are walking out of your permanent makeup artist’s salon with fuller, fresher, and swoon-worthy eyebrows. This is bound to make you feel excited and overwhelmed. The fine strokes resemble the perfect hair and the bald patches that you hated are no more in sight. You are dying to let the compliments pour in and you’re trying to imagine the look on your “so-called well-wisher” who had pointed out how thin your eyebrows were. They do appear a bit red, tender, and puffy. Some ladies may also experience slight bleeding but the overall effect is great.

The color on day 1 is the darkest and might be some shades darker than you actually wanted them to be. Don’t worry! The color will fade a bit with the healing process and you’ll see a 20-40% reduction in how dark the pigment appears.

Day 2

The following day, the area surrounding your eyebrows might seem a little sore and tender. The inflammation persists, even though there’s a reduction in redness for some people at this point. The fine strokes are now fine wounds that make the eyebrows appear even darker than day one. This might make you tensed but don’t panic; this is completely normal. The only reason people can’t take their eyes off you is that you’re rocking those brows!

Days 3-4

A couple of days have passed and there’s no major change in how your eyebrows look. The redness and puffiness seem to be subsiding and the brows are thick and dark with the same texture. Now is the time when you’ll actually start living with your ever-lasting, glammed up eyebrows. The eyebrow pencils, brushes, and spoolie are out of sight and out of mind. You are waking up with straight-out-of-the-salon brows and realizing how much time you wasted on doing your brows each day.

You might be missing swimming or going to the gym but you’ll have to stop yourself for at least 6 to 7 more days before you enjoy your water-proof beauties. Make sure you are following the aftercare guidelines explained by the makeup artist.


Days 5

Now that you’ve admired your brows for four days, day 5 is when the “healing” part actually begins. If you were thinking that the redness and swelling were the only side-effects, you might have to rethink now. You’ll feel an urge to itch the brows but it is crucial that you do not scratch or rub them as the wound is still fresh. On day 5, scabbing will begin. A layer of scabbing will coat the fine strokes to heal them from within. Anyone who wouldn’t know about this stage might run to the doctor or contemplate suing the makeup artist. Don’t worry; it’s all-natural and temporary. The patience you practice now will make your brows turn out absolutely gorgeous!

Day 6-7

You know what follows is not going to be fancy. The scabbing will become severe and you’ll see your skin peel off. Trust us when we say that you are not going to end up being an ‘eyebrow less monster.’ The skin peel indicates that your wounds are healing. Don’t pick or peel the scabs as this can make matters worse and may hinder the healing process. Picking a scab would result in your brows losing the pigments that have been deposited on them. And, you don’t want patchy brows, do you?

Continue to gently rinse the brow region and the scabs will continue to fall off. All through this phase, just remember the birth of a butterfly. The icky larva transforms into a beautiful vibrant butterfly. Scabbing and peeling off of skin is essential for the transformation. Once your brows are healed completely, you might not even remember this phase.

Days 8-10

The worst is over now and most of the scabs would have flaked off by this phase. The skin is on the healing path and the pigments may seem to have lost their dark, bold color. You will observe scars when you look into the mirror and this might scare you that the pigments didn’t stick to your skin. Don’t think that all that money and patience was spent in vain. That’s certainly not the case! The gray or patchy spots should not bother you. It might remind you of the time you used to fill them with eyebrow products. Just take a deep breath and remind yourself that all good things come to those you are patient.

Days 14-21

More than two weeks have passed after your microblading appointment and right when you were starting to wonder “was it worth it?,” the results start showing and the skin starts to heal completely. By this time you’ll be happily surprised to observe more uniform-looking eyebrows with the same even strokes and natural-looking color that you wished for. Here’s your answer: Yes, it was worth it! People will start noticing the amazing results and you’ll be at the receiving end of compliments. During this stage, any signs of a cosmetic tattoo will start vanishing and you’ll come out of the self-conscious zone.

Day 30

One glorious month of healing and patience! The healing process is finally complete and you should be proud of yourself for bringing this positive change in your personality. The eyebrows look fantastic with a soft texture, spot-on color, perfect shape, and no areas to fill in. If you feel the pigment isn’t exactly as dark as you wanted, you shouldn’t get worried, as your follow-up appointment is already scheduled and that’s the whole point of it.

It is advised that if your skin isn’t fully healed or in need of more time, do not schedule a follow-up visit yet. It is best to wait for 2-3 months.

The Last Word

With proper care, the brows will heal quickly and the results will last longer. After the healing process, you won’t just get a set of brows that you can flaunt on Instagram but you will also learn to be more patient and hopeful!

Girl looking into a mirror and getting shocked

You must have read numerous articles on the technology and creativity behind permanent makeup. Micropigmentation, microblading, cosmetic tattoos, semi-permanent cosmetics, and dermal pigmentation—there are many names given to the art of applying long-lasting makeup with the needles than deposit pigments on the epidermal layer of the skin.

Indeed, people can instantly fall into the pit of regrets when the beauty goes awry. While the trend has gained popularity with each passing day, some customers are not exactly satisfied with the results. There could be numerous reasons for going back on a decision that must have cost them time, money, and effort.  Even though the makeup is not exactly permanent, it does take time to fade out completely. For the people who can’t stand their makeup for that long, removal is the only way to go.

The bad part about permanent makeup removal treatments is that they are expensive and difficult. However, the good part is that since the pigments are deposited on the upper layer of the skin only, the treatments do remove the unwanted makeup, some more effectively than others.

Reasons for Permanent Makeup Removal

The target audience for the permanent makeup industry is the people interested in accentuating their facial features or saving time from their daily makeup routine. Being ever ready without having to retouch or redo makeup can be a big blessing.

In their pursuit of the best results in the cheapest rates, a lot of customers fall victims to the untrained makeup artists. It is always recommended to be extra careful when a makeup artist offers you a rate or deal that seems too less than the market rates. Unskilled hands can ruin naturally beautiful features and give a person nothing short of a Halloween look.

Another factor why people look for removal options is their desire to remain relevant and follow the latest beauty trends. This is no news that fashion and beauty trends can change overnight. Hence, it is best to go for evergreen looks that can be modified with regular cosmetics to meet the fashion needs of the time.

Some clients look for corrective options rather than removal ones. These clients complain about not getting the results which they imagined or allergic reactions because the pigments didn’t suit their skin. The best way to prevent this is by adopting a precautionary approach rather than a corrective one. At Simply Beauty, we always perform a patch test to save our clients from these issues.

Permanent Makeup Removal Options

Permanent makeup removal is quite similar to how regular tattoos are removes. But, the sensitive nature of the treated areas can make these procedures more demanding and critical.

1.     Topical Exfoliation

People who can tolerate slow and gradual removal can adopt the topical method of makeup removal which involves using certain lotions and creams on a daily basis. The tattoo removal creams and lotions contain bleaching agents or chemicals that can make the outer layer of your skin peel off. Even though this method may not be entirely successful in removing the tattoo, it may lighten or make it inconspicuous. These creams can be used before getting a laser treatment done.

The tattoo ink fades more quickly with gentle exfoliation. You can see results by doing it twice a day for a couple of months. Fine sea salt in a good exfoliating agent. This is the cheapest option in the market, costing $5 for an area of 10cm by 10cm. You should consider this method if the treatment is not older than 6 months and if your doctor approves of it as the chemicals have harmful side-effects.

2.     Salt-Saline Treatment

This treatment is often performed by trained permanent makeup artists to lighten the tattoos. The area with the unwanted cosmetic tattoo is deposited with a salt-saline solution. The concentrated solution makes the ink or pigments bleed out of the skin and get accumulated in scabs. As the skin underneath heals, the scabs flake off and the skin gets rid of the makeup either partially or completely.

This method is twice as effective as topical exfoliation and is safe for all skin types. However, you can expect a damaged epidermis, which may heal over time as a fresh layer of skin is produced. The salt-saline treatment costs around $100 per session.

3.     Dermabrasion

As the name suggests, it is a procedure in which an abrasive material is used to remove the outer layer of skin. This treatment is used for removing scars, acne marks, and permanent makeup. After the treatment, you’ll observe reduced marks and lines and smooth texture of the skin. The area to be treated is numbed by using a local anesthetic and the dermatologist will then use a circle-shaped abrasive brush to scrape off the skin containing the pigments. The healing process might take 2 to 3 weeks, during which you’ll be prohibited from going out in the Sun.

Your skin will appear red and inflamed for a few weeks but the results are undoubtedly more satisfactory than the methods listed above. The treatment may cost you $100 at least and $1000 at most.

4.     Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is the most popular solution for several beauty blunders. From hair removal to permanent makeup removal, laser technology comes to the rescue every time. The beam of light from a laser breaks the permanent pigments injected in the skin, which are then absorbed by the cells. The YAG laser is the most effective and most commonly used type of laser.

The downside of getting a laser treatment is the associated risks. It can turn the makeup black or damage the delicate facial features. Most permanent makeup pigments contain a chemical compound called titanium dioxide. When the laser reacts with the oxide, titanium breaks away and turns into its original dark grey form. This shade is then removed again and the process may take time and more sessions.

Each session of laser treatment will cost you somewhere between $200 to $500, depending on the type, the size, and the color of laser, and the skill level of the surgeon. The complete laser removal treatment with multiple sessions can be pretty expensive and can cost you more than $1000.


To save you from the pain and trouble of getting the permanent makeup removed, our trained professionals at Simply Beauty ensure that all your requirements are discussed and all details are shared with you beforehand. The patch test is conducted during the consultation meeting, which provides great clarification about what to expect during and after the procedure.

Eye with long lashes

What do Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, and Mila Kunis have in common? Apart from their insanely hot looks and flawless style sense, they all have eyelashes to die for! Long lashes can instantly take your look to the next level. Even the most sophisticated makeup looks can look dull without a voluminous pair of fringes. It is only natural to wish for lashes that would make people swoon every time you bat them. After all, who doesn’t want their crush to get lost in their eyes and tangled in their lashes?


Luckily, even the people who have thin, stray lashes can now sport a pair of falsies and try out lash lengthening mascaras to achieve their looks. But, people are now looking for permanent, long-lasting options. Many celebrities (including some mentioned above) have tried out the popular eyelash extensions and seemed pretty happy with the results. If you too wish to rock your dream lashes 24×7, eyelash extension is probably your holy grail! Eyelash extensions are inexpensive, durable, hassle-free, and most importantly, beautiful! But, there are certain things that you should consider and learn about this innovative cosmetic procedure.


Here are the top 7 things to consider when getting an eyelash extension done:

1.     Cost

An eyelash extension can cost you somewhere around $200.  The cost may vary depending on the quality of lashes and application. While some might find them expensive, you need to consider the comparison here. We estimated the money we invest in mascaras, curlers, and false eyelashes on a monthly basis. You’ll be shocked to know that it exceeded the cost of this treatment. Also, if you care for your extensions, they can last as long as 8 weeks. This means you are saving 2 months’ worth of beauty products. Once done, you can pay $68 to get the lashes refilled and if you want them removed completely, you just need to pay $20.

2.     Preparation

So, you have finally booked an appointment with an eyelash extension expert and are all set to go. Wait a second! Are you wearing mascara? Or have you curled your lashes? Oh no! This is not how you had to prep for your appointment. It is always a good idea to learn about the things to do and things to avoid pre and post a cosmetic treatment. When going for eyelash extension, make sure you shower properly as you won’t be allowed to let water touch your eyes at least for 24 hours after the treatment. Another important step is to keep your face clean and makeup-free when you come for the extension. Eye makeup, mascara, or eyeliners are off-limits until the process is done. Also, do not curl your natural eyelashes as this can complicate the process of sticking the false lashes on them.

3.     Process

The extension artist will first ensure that your eyes are free from any makeup or skincare product. Your face, especially eyes, will be cleaned. This step will not take long if you came prepared for the appointment. Next, eyelashes made up of synthetic material, will be applied over your natural eyelashes with the help of a special semi-permanent adhesive. The artist will fix individual lash hair in place with the help of a pair of tweezers. If you are scared of tweezers, remember that they are used for hygiene and precision.

After the lashes have been applied, bonded, and dried, you have to wait for 24 hours and then you’ll be free to swim, shower, and cry without caring about them falling off like falsies or bleeding like mascara.

4.     Duration

The duration of the process can range from 90 to 120 minutes. During these two hours, you’ll keep your eyes shut. This means you can enjoy a two-hour nap during the extension process

Applying eyelashes


5.     Material and Shape

Lashes come in a variety of materials. You have the freedom to choose from lashes made up of mink, faux mink, silk, and human hair. Each one has its pros and cons, so it depends upon personal preference. Human hair lashes are the most expensive and do not last long. Mink and Faux mink are probably the most popular choices.

You can also customize the shape of the eyelashes. For a bolder look, you can opt for a C curl, whereas you should choose a J curl for a natural look. If you are feeling a little adventurous, you may try Russian 3D lashes. However, we would suggest a nice pair of soft classic eyelashes for your first appointment. You can always experiment once you feel more confident.

6.     Maintenance

Eyelash extensions require some maintenance and care. The more you care, the longer they’ll last. Avoid rubbing your eyes or using oil-based makeup removers as this can breakdown the bonds and cause the lashes to fall out. However, please don’t stop cleaning your lashes just because you’re afraid of them falling off. Wipe them with cotton soaked in cleansing milk and brush them with a spoolie. You might not need mascara or lash curlers. You can apply mascara if you really want it but avoid using water-proof products. You should get them filled in every 3 weeks.

7.     Removal

It’s good to let your natural eyelashes rest once in a while. You can get the extensions removed easily or wait for them to fall off naturally. Beware that if you try to pull them out, you might lose your natural eyelashes –something we are sure you won’t like. Using coconut or castor oil on the lashes would weaken the glue and the artificial lashes would get detached. The oil will also nourish your natural eyelashes.


A beautiful girl with permanent makeup

Living in the social media age and with trends like #iwokeuplikethis, looking beautiful at all times and getting your desired looks 24×7 has become the need of the times. The revolution in the beauty world and the advancements in cosmetic procedures have presented an ideal solution to make this dream come true: permanent makeup. Thousands of ladies are getting the coveted eyebrows, luscious eyelashes, permanently lined eyes, and fuller-looking lips through cosmetic tattooing. Permanent makeup isn’t just limited to Hollywood divas; women of all ages are opting for these procedures as they are quick and the results are remarkable.

Permanent makeup saves a lot of your valuable time. In fact, it allows you to skip your makeup routine all together! However, like every good thing, it requires some after-care. With proper post-procedure care, you can enhance the results and make them last longer. If you are planning to get permanent makeup done or have already booked an appointment, we present to you a brief post-care guide for permanent makeup:

After-Care for Permanent Eyeliner Treatment

An eye with permanent eyeliner

Who doesn’t love a sensual natural eyeliner look or a dramatic winged eyeliner look? But, you might need a lot of practice before you can achieve the perfect look without having to wipe out your eye makeup numerous times. Applying eyeliner is not a child’s play. The technique and precision are hard to master. Fixing your eyeliner can make you run late for important events. To save you from this everyday struggle, a quick solution can be to get your eyes lined permanently by an expert! Permanent eyeliner is one of the most popular permanent makeup options. However, people often ignore the suggested after-care and end up with complications.

When dealing with the eyes and the region surrounding them, special care is required. Eyelids and its surrounding area are quite sensitive. In case of permanent makeup, pre and post-treatment instructions go hand-in-hand. Avoid wearing any eye products during the procedure.

Following the procedure, you can expect redness, inflammation, and bruising on the eyes. There’s nothing to worry about it. For the first 24 hours, you can use ice packs to reduce swelling or redness. Apply the ice pack no more than 15 minutes and give a 45-minute break before reapplying.

It will also be a good idea to gently clean your eyes with cotton balls dipped in cool water. You should not apply any makeup over the treated region until it has completed healed which takes around one to two weeks. Applying old makeup can cause infection. You should keep your eyelid moisturized at all times. A thin coat of Vaseline can be useful for this purpose.

You should avoid taking a bath for at least 24 hours after the procedure. Avoid eyelash curlers, direct sun exposure, and swimming in chlorinated pools for at least 14 days. Wear SPF 45 Sunblock and sunglasses when going out. Don’t wear contact lenses for 24-72 hours post-treatment. Never rub, scrape off, or pick scabs and dry patches (if any).

After-Care for Permanent Eyebrows Treatment

A girl getting micro-blading done


If you swoon over Rihanna’s eyebrows and wonder how they look absolutely perfect all the time, you would be glad to know that the beauty queen is also rocking permanent eyebrows. With micro-blading, you can forget about plucking, filling-in, and shaping your arches every day. To accentuate your brows and get durable results, after-care is a must.

As discussed previously, the region near the eye is quite sensitive and requires extra care. If you have planned on getting permanent eyebrows, you should not be plucking, tweezing, threading, or waxing them for a week, both before and after the treatment. The treatment should be performed with one’s natural eyebrow growth and shape. Makeup artists encourage keeping a natural brow line. Your makeup artist will call you for touch-ups every 4 to 6 weeks.

Avoid scheduling any Botox treatment for at least two weeks after the treatment. Any inflammation or redness in the brow region can be soothed with an ice pack. Icing should not be done for more than 15 minutes. Apply Vaseline to help your skin heal.

No showers for at least 24 hours after the treatment. Avoid swimming and sunlight for two weeks. If you experience any discomfort or pain, you take over-the-counter painkillers like Tylenol.

After-Care for Permanent Lip Treatment

Lips with permanent lip color


For more uniformly colored, fuller, and beautiful lips, you can opt for permanent lip makeup. Remember that the color you see right after the treatment is darker and bolder than the color you’ll get once your lips are fully healed. The pigments will fade over time and the final shade will be 50 to 75 percent softer than the initial color. Choose a natural lipstick shade that matches your complexion.

The risk of cold sores and lip and mouth ulcers are quite common and this makes aftercare more vital. It would be best to consult your physician and discuss your decision. The doctor may prescribe medication to take after the treatment.

Avoid any lip surgeries or Botox treatments for lips for at least three weeks after getting your permanent lip treatment done. Additional treatments can interfere with the results and can have certain drawbacks.

Ice your lips within 48 to 72 hours to reduce the swelling. Inflammation, redness, or discomfort will subside over time. Do not miss your follow up visits. Your lips will need touch-upS for 4 to 6 weeks. Any scarring is normal during this period.

Follow an after-care routine by cleaning your lips with cotton swabs dipped in cool water. Apply Vaseline over your lips generously to keep them moist at all times. Please avoid touching your lips with fingers as this can cause infection. You will not be allowed to apply any makeup products over the treated region and you must not scratch or pick any flakes or scabs.

You should stay away from spicy foods and take extra care while brushing your teeth. To make the results last longer, use a chapstick or lip balm at all times after a week.

Some General Tips

  • Use healing ointments to accelerate the healing process. Ask your physician to prescribe one for you.
  • In case of any allergic reactions, tell your makeup artist and visit your doctor right away.
  • Avoid touching the treated region with bare hands or any other cloth that might contain bacteria, as this can cause infections.
  • Do not sleep with your face touching the pillow.
  • Do not wipe the treated region aggressively. Be very gentle at all times.
A beautiful model with perfect makeup



It can’t be ‘that’ effective, is it?


It’s too good to be true!


These are some of the common responses we hear when people get to know about the cosmetic sensation and technological genius of permanent or semi-permanent makeup and cosmetic tattooing.  Just hearing the name “permanent makeup” can make a lot of questions pop in your head. Perfect eyebrows without patches, luscious lips without discoloration, thick and curled lashes, or beautifully lined dramatic eyes- these are not dreams anymore. Every day we are bombarded with questions oozing with curiosity and desire. Honestly, who wouldn’t be interested in knowing more about the treatments that have taken cosmetic treatments one-notch up?


Here’s a list of frequently asked questions about permanent makeup. Read on to know all the answers!

1.     Is Permanent Makeup Really Permanent?

This question deserved to top the list. The reason permanent makeup is named so is because of the similarities it shares with body tattooing, but the results might not be 100% permanent. Micropigmentation treatment is a technique through which pigments are tattooed into the upper reticular part of the epidermis. These pigments, once applied, cannot be removed by conventional methods and are water and smudge-proof in the true essence of the words. However, the pigments fade out over time and require regular maintenance or touch-ups. Because of this fading out, it is also sometimes referred to as semi-permanent makeup.

2.     How is the process like?

The entire procedure can be divided into three phases: before, during, and after. The “before” phase is when you choose a makeup artist and go for a consultation visit. The artist will discuss your treatment plan and will perform a patch test to check if you are eligible. You’ll then book an appointment. On the day of the appointment, the professionally trained makeup artist will apply the pigment with a handheld device (like a tattoo machine). The artist will guide you regarding the aftercare. After the application, you’ll be called for follow-up and refreshing visits.

3.     How Long Does The Makeup Last?

The life of the permanent makeup depends upon the care, sun exposure, lifestyle, and the products used. The makeup will start to fade with time but if proper care is taken, the results can last for three to five years. You need to visit the salon for touch-ups and fill-ins. You can either maintain the same desired look or make changes by trying new hues.

4.      Does Permanent Makeup Hurt?

The process is carried out after using anesthetic; hence the process is entirely painless. However, you can expect slight tenderness, swelling, and discomfort once the effect of the anesthetic wears out. Since the areas where permanent makeup is applied are rather sensitive, the use of anesthetics during the procedure and use of antibiotics and antiseptic ointments over the treated area after the process is recommended.

5.     Is It Safe?

Permanent makeup is completely safe if the makeup artist follows health and safety guidelines. The artists ensure that the needles and blades are disposed after each client. Sterile and unused needles and micro blades are used. The gloves and apron are also properly disposed of. Hygiene is the number one priority when it comes to a permanent makeup facility.

6.     How Many Types Of Treatments Can I Get?

Micropigmentation treatments help you enhance a number of facial and body features. You can ask for slight changes with a natural look or can go all out and try out a more dramatic change. The most common types of permanent makeup that you can get are eyebrows, eyeliner, eyelash extension, lip liner, lip color or blush, fake freckles, hair imitation, and scar camouflage.

7.     What Is The Cost Of The Permanent Makeup?

The treatment can cost you $400-800 on average depending on how extensive the makeup is. Some artists charge $200 per hour for complex procedures. Don’t get lured by cheap deals as the artists charging less might compromise on hygiene, skill, or quality of the makeup products. Try comparing the treatment cost with the money you used t spend on buying makeup. This would encourage you to invest in a quality makeup artist.

8.     Can I Swim or Workout After The Treatment?

It is advised to avoid swimming for two weeks and workouts should be avoided for one week after the treatment. Swimming or working out can pose a threat of infection. However, once the treated area is completely healed, you are free to swim or engage in any physical activity.

9.     Can I Wear Makeup Over The Permanent Makeup?

It’s best to avoid wearing any makeup until the permanent makeup is completely healed as the makeup that we use daily usually contains bacteria and other harmful microbes. Let the area heal completely and then you can apply the makeup over your permanent makeup if you will.

10. Can I Get Any Other Treatments Done Along With Permanent Makeup?

After one permanent makeup treatment like eyebrows or lip color, it is recommended to wait for at least one week before getting other treatment done. If you are planning to get Botox, laser treatments, or chemical peels, you’ll have to wait longer than that.

11.  Are There Any Side-Effects of Permanent Makeup?

Slight redness and swelling are common after lip and eye treatments. While the aftereffects don’t last more than 24-48 hours, but in some rare cases swelling may be severe and rashes or bruises may appear. Based on the sensitivity of the client’s skin or other client-specific factors, minor bleeding and tenderness may occur. Side-effects like infections can be avoided by following proper aftercare routine and a patch test is conducted in the initial phase as a precautionary measure against possible allergic reactions.


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Beautiful girl sporting a natural look

It is said that ignorance is bliss, but this doesn’t always stand true, especially when it comes to trying out cosmetic procedures for the first time. We all have experienced skin allergies and irritations at some point in our lives. However, an allergic reaction caused by a permanent makeup procedure can be a lot more troublesome and painful because it kills the whole purpose of the treatment: to look beautiful.

Getting permanent makeup or cosmetic tattoos entails application of inks and pigments, much like getting a tattoo anywhere else on your body. Even though the pigments used and the procedure of micropigmentation is safe, each person responds differently to these pigments. The mishaps may be rare but they do occur. Going in blind for cosmetic tattooing can be quite similar to going on a blind date: either it will be great or will be a total disaster. So, can you end this uncertainty? Luckily, yes! Dermatologists and professional permanent makeup artists collectively suggest the Skin Patch Test for checking for any possible allergic reactions.


What Is A Patch Test?

A Patch Test is a precautionary procedure which is performed to determine the reaction of your skin when a certain substance comes in contact with it. Your skin can show an allergic reaction such as inflammation, redness, itchiness, blisters, or a rash. This is called contact dermatitis. A patch test is a safety procedure to ensure that a person is not allergic to any of the pigments or makeup products used. Additionally, it also helps the artist and the client to choose a color or a combination of colors that would produce the best results.

Why Is A Patch Test Important?

While some permanent makeup artists skip this important step, the importance of a patch test cannot be overemphasized. Imagine getting your eyebrows micro-bladed or your lips colored permanently only to develop scabs, irritation, and swelling later on. Not only will this ruin the appearance of your face but it’ll be a sad waste of the artist’s efforts and your hard-earned money.

It is a makeup artist’s ultimate responsibility to ensure that the client gets the desired results healthily and without complications. The makeup artist performs the patch test to check anesthetic and pigments to be injected. Also, it must be remembered that the makeup is “permanent”. Even though the pigments fade out, they do not leave the skin completely for a long time. This necessitates the patch test, as it can save you from getting stuck with irritated, swelled-up, uncomfortable, and nasty-looking permanent makeup.

A patch test does not just protect against the temporary mishaps caused by permanent makeup. Sometimes, the allergies can be very severe and may last a lifetime. We are sure nobody would want to regret all his life by missing a simple test. After all, it’s a huge price to pay for wishing to be beautiful.

It’s important to note that even if you’ve been patch tested for your earlier procedures, you must get the patch test performed again when planning to get new permanent makeup. Your skin can react differently to different products at different times. Precaution is better than cure!

How And When To Do The Patch Test?

A patch test is performed at least 12 hours before the microblading or micropigmentation procedure. It is best to carry out the test during the initial consultation meeting with your makeup artist. Some makeup artists also send out patch test kits to their clients before calling them for a meeting. The kits come with clear instructions and the client can perform the test themselves. However, if you are not confident to do it on your own, the artist will most definitely perform it while you discuss your options and requirements. This can save valuable time that might otherwise go in vain if the results are negative.

A professional artist will use a sterile needle, pigments, anesthetics, and an antibiotic ointment.  The test will be performed in an inconspicuous area, such as the back of the ear, scalp, or toes. Two patch tests are conducted simultaneously: a color patch and an anesthetic patch.

The color or pigment patch test will be performed by using pigments that you have mutually chosen for the procedure or a combination thereof. The artist will prick the skin with the needle and apply the pigment to it. The area will be checked for any possible reactions after one to two days. It would be best to schedule the appointment a week later just to be absolutely sure.

For the anesthetic patch test, the skin will be pricked once again on an area other than where the color patch test was done and several drops of anesthetic will be applied on it. Both the patch test sites will be coated with the antibiotic ointment to accelerate healing.

How to Deduce the Results of a Patch Test?

In case of a patch test, no news is good news! If your skin shows no reactions, you are good to go and can reap the benefits of the cosmetic marvels of permanent makeup treatments. However, if your skin shows any allergic reaction, the test is negative and it is not safe to get any cosmetic tattoos. The signs of a negative patch test may include:

  • Redness or itching
  • Inflammation or more than normal swelling
  • Irritation or rashes
  • Sore or painful blisters
  • Lumps or bumps

What Can Go Wrong If A Patch Test Isn’t Done?

Plenty can go wrong if a patch test is missed. Not only will it cause short-term and long-term discomfort and distress, but it can also become a life-long regret; after all, permanent makeup removal isn’t a piece of cake. You can always opt for a laser treatment but it would take multiple sessions and won’t still guarantee a 100% pigment-free facial feature.

At Simply Beauty, patch tests are an integral part of the initial appointments and pre-procedure routine. This makes the entire process of microblading and micropigmentation safer and helps us give superior-quality results. Remember, if the makeup artist doesn’t mention a patch test, you should ask for one!

Permanent makeup

Lips have been celebrated as the most attractive facial feature. They are almost as important as the protagonists in rom-coms and erotic literature. A softly blown kiss, a whisper escaping from tender lips, or a naughty smile playing across them can give us butterflies. This is the power of lips. No wonder women use lipsticks and gloss products to make them more alluring. However, each of you must have wished at some point in your life to get that perfect pout at all times! Well, your wish is our command. The beauty industry has been revolutionized with semi-permanent makeup options. Now you can sport your most coveted lip color at all times. How cool is that, right?


You might have your lipstick pouches filled with tons of lipsticks, everything from moisturizing to matte, cream to gloss, long-lasting to sheer and shimmery lipsticks. While some people can rock a red lip all week, most of us choose one or two shades for frequent wear.  Choosing and applying a lip color daily is a tough job and getting your lips transformed in the shade of your choice can be a big relief! For this reason, a lot of people are turning to micropigmentation or lip tattoos. Not only does this technique help you enhance your natural features, but it also saves you from investing time and energy in products that might not work for you.


Getting your lips tattooed permanently is a big decision and we won’t want you to go in blind.  Here’s the guide to help our lovely readers transform their lips with the perfect permanent hue!


What to Consider When Choosing a Lip Color?

When choosing the lip color that’s right for you, you need to consider these three most important things:

1.     Skin Tone

The best lip color is the one which goes perfectly with your skin tone. Your permanent makeup artist will surely analyze and suggest the colors based on your skin tone but it would be great if you can identify your skin color and explore the lip shades accordingly.

You choose makeup colors just like an artist does:  by referring to the color wheel. Color theory is a must-know subject for a makeup artist. If you have a fair complexion, cooler shades would be more suitable for you. People with darker skin can experiment with warmer colors. For each individual, it’s important to identify the undertone as well.

To identify your undertone tone, you simply need to observe the underlying veins on your face. Veins appear bluer because of a pink undertone whereas green veins suggest that you have a yellow undertone. Your complexion can also be a blend of both; in this case, you will have a wider range of lip color options.

2.     Lifestyle and Personal Taste

The lip color you choose must go well with the other makeup products you apply daily. Based on your lifestyle, you should consider the shades that you usually wear at home or at work. You can always wear a bold shade of lipstick over your tattooed lips for a night out with friends. However, do realize that you are looking at semi-permanent options here.

The color might fade away eventually but it’ll still last quite long. Wearing a bold color every day can be “too much” for some people. You can always show your favorite lipsticks to your artist for inspiration. If you are confident that you’ll rock a red or magenta pout at any time of the day, then there’s no one stopping you!

3.     Lip Shape

Semi-permanent makeup for lips isn’t just about adding color to them; you also get to redefine their shape. Let’s face it: not all of us are blessed with beautiful full lips. Should we simply be patient with our thin lips? Absolutely not! You now have the choice to color your lips in a way that they appear fuller. You can also get an uneven lip shape rectified with micropigmentation. In this case, the artist would match the color with your existing lips and redo the areas that require work. This fill will make your lips look natural and gorgeous.

Some Suggested Lip Shades


·        Peaches and Nudes

peach lip color


A peach or nude lip color would ideally suit a person with pale skin. This will keep the balance in contrast and make your lips appear naturally beautiful all the time.

·        Ambers and Corals

Image of a latin girl sporting a coral lip color.


Amber and coral shades are the most wanted lip colors in trend. They look wonderful on olive complexion and enhance the shape by keeping it low key and natural.

·        Reds and Pinks

Red lips


Red lips are to die for! Lips painted in the color of love would mostly suit people with light Asian complexions and yellower undertones. Bolder shades would also complement darker skin tones.

·        Oranges and Bronzes

Orange-bronze lips


Orange-based reds and bronzes look good on people with pink undertones. These shades are part of one of the most popular families of lip colors. These colors work really well with darker skin colors too.

Are you still a little perplexed? Don’t worry. We are here to help. Too many options can confuse you too. Hence, we suggest that you pick the shades you love and consult us to narrow down your options until you have the right lip color!

radiofrequency skin tightening

Jack Black rightly said: “You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow.” Eyebrows have always been a huge element when it comes to beauty and fashion world. Shaping and grooming them with care has always been a priority. From arch shape and thickness to color and makeup, eyebrows are an integral part of the makeup routine. A new trend and talk of the town is microblading. Microblading is a permanent makeup technique that accentuates the appearance and shape of the eyebrow by creating natural-looking strokes on the skin with a microblade.

Maintaining perfect eyebrows at all times is not an easy job. Even for celebrities, with their fixed schedules and an army of makeup artists, it is pretty hard to maintain an ideal set of eyebrows; this makes microblading just the right solution. Numerous celebrities—whether it’s a movie star, a singer, or even a celeb mom—are investing in treatments such as microblading or permanent eyebrows to reduce the hours they spend in front of the mirror. Not only this, with superior quality microblading, the results can last for over a year and will help them to look beautiful every day.

In case you were wondering how some celebs rock flawless eyebrows even when posting a makeup-less selfie on Instagram, it’s likely that they too are among this list of celebrities who are fans of microblading.

1. Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis has always been on top of every list made about celebrity eyebrow transformations. With an unusual set of big, two colored and oval-shaped eyes, Mila Kunis’ eyebrows weren’t exactly perfect with rounded inner corners and super thin tails. This certainly gets fixed with microblading. Today Kunis’ arches are strong and fuller. There are no sparse spots and the eyebrows are perfectly filled in. This can be attained with short microblading strokes and color that is two shades lighter than the hair.

2. Jennifer Lopez

JLo is talent and beauty personified. Lopez went with the feathery strokes in combination with a light manual shading treatment in which the color is faintly lighter at the tip of the brow which harmonizes with her chestnut-colored eyes.

3. Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie had a really thin pair of eyebrows before the treatment. But with the help of her talented chief makeup artist Beau Nelson, she achieved the astounding brow look. Nelson used a blended combination of feathered strokes and brushing along with a delicate ombre effect to bring together this new Nicole Richie look.

4. Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore had a microblading treatment in the year 2015. Since then, eyebrow experts around the globe are captivated by her incredible set of eyebrows. The depth of tint of her brows along with the curve, which is so on point, her eyebrows are in an ideal proportion to her face.

5. Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani, the amazing American singer, was wildly famous in the 90s for tweezing her eyebrows into perfectly thinned lines. The sharp look is replaced today with thicker and more natural brows. Thanks to microblading, she now has thick, feathered, and flawlessly symmetrical eyebrows.

6. Jennifer Aniston

Along with the famous haircut from the well-known TV sitcom ‘Friends’, Aniston’s eyebrows are also noteworthy. The light, radiant color of her hair enhances the darker shade of brown in her faintly round-shaped brows, starting from the inner bend of her eyes.

7. Angelina Jolie

Jolie possesses a classic pair of eyebrows that can be obtained from plain yet graceful strokes with a mysteriously dark color, comparable with PhiBrows Brown 3 pigment which makes her look so elegant. Maybe that’s why she loves raising her eyebrow. She once said: “I am getting a wrinkle above my eyebrow because I just can’t stop lifting it, and I love that you know” Well, Angie, we love it too!

8. Tyra Banks


Just like Banks hairstyle, her eyebrows are a perfect illustration of edginess. In contrast to her face’s heart-shaped structure, the arches of her eyebrows are faintly pulled back to an angle along with the dark color; this also compliments her glowing skin tone.

9. Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore has been quite truthful regarding her microbladed eyebrows. She admitted that she was never really good at doing her brows, plus the time consumed to make it exactly the way she wanted was just a lot. However, after the microfeathering treatment, according to her, her entire beauty schedule changed. She doesn’t have to worry about her eyebrows anymore. Now, she has a perfect pair of eyebrows with just a little extra feathery texture that looks great almost all the time which makes it easy for her to concentrate on her acting rather than on her eyebrows.

10. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth, also famous for her amazing character Pepper Potts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is also a huge admirer of micro-feathering. She was never the one who took extreme beauty risks but just like many other celebrities in the 90s, she also adopted the fashion of thinned line eyebrows, which she considered is one of the makeup errors of that time. But now, she has natural-looking pair of brows, all thanks to the talented makeup artist Kristie Streicher who created a fine look just like a brushstroke by focusing on the areas on her face that were sparse.

11. Madonna

The famous pop icon Madonna flaunted her naturally bushy brows from the very start of her career in the 80s. But, since then her eyebrows have become thinner visibly, she became a fan of microblading. She lost some of her natural hair because of age and over-plucking in earlier years. To overcome this, she used microblading technique to fill in the gaps. Now, she has a new shape and look, thanks to brows that match her hair roots, which is the best kind of microblading. She has also experimented with the depth of the curves and bends that create an illusion.

12. Adele

Grammy and Oscar-winning recording artist Adele is also a huge fan of microblading. She had thin-lined eyebrows before her treatment. However, before the 2017 Grammy Awards, she went for the microblading treatment, which made her eyebrows darker and more shadowy with a more defined shape.

13. Victoria Beckham

With an impressive fashion career and a decade-long career as a part of the world-famous girl group Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham is one of the most recognized celebs of all time. She is also a great fan of permanent makeup. She has had two semi-permanent make-up treatments. The first treatment was for her eyebrows, which gave her realistic-looking brows and stokes that makes them look fuller and thicker. She also got a liner treatment done.