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A Guide to Choose the Perfect Permanent Lip Color

Lips have been celebrated as the most attractive facial feature. They are almost as important as the protagonists in rom-coms and erotic literature. A softly blown kiss, a whisper escaping from tender lips, or a naughty smile playing across them can give us butterflies. This is the power of lips. No wonder women use lipsticks and gloss products to make them more alluring. However, each of you must have wished at some point in your life to get that perfect pout at all times! Well, your wish is our command. The beauty industry has been revolutionized with semi-permanent makeup options. Now you can sport your most coveted lip color at all times. How cool is that, right?


You might have your lipstick pouches filled with tons of lipsticks, everything from moisturizing to matte, cream to gloss, long-lasting to sheer and shimmery lipsticks. While some people can rock a red lip all week, most of us choose one or two shades for frequent wear.  Choosing and applying a lip color daily is a tough job and getting your lips transformed in the shade of your choice can be a big relief! For this reason, a lot of people are turning to micropigmentation or lip tattoos. Not only does this technique help you enhance your natural features, but it also saves you from investing time and energy in products that might not work for you.


Getting your lips tattooed permanently is a big decision and we won’t want you to go in blind.  Here’s the guide to help our lovely readers transform their lips with the perfect permanent hue!


What to Consider When Choosing a Lip Color?

When choosing the lip color that’s right for you, you need to consider these three most important things:

1.     Skin Tone

The best lip color is the one which goes perfectly with your skin tone. Your permanent makeup artist will surely analyze and suggest the colors based on your skin tone but it would be great if you can identify your skin color and explore the lip shades accordingly.

You choose makeup colors just like an artist does:  by referring to the color wheel. Color theory is a must-know subject for a makeup artist. If you have a fair complexion, cooler shades would be more suitable for you. People with darker skin can experiment with warmer colors. For each individual, it’s important to identify the undertone as well.

To identify your undertone tone, you simply need to observe the underlying veins on your face. Veins appear bluer because of a pink undertone whereas green veins suggest that you have a yellow undertone. Your complexion can also be a blend of both; in this case, you will have a wider range of lip color options.

2.     Lifestyle and Personal Taste

The lip color you choose must go well with the other makeup products you apply daily. Based on your lifestyle, you should consider the shades that you usually wear at home or at work. You can always wear a bold shade of lipstick over your tattooed lips for a night out with friends. However, do realize that you are looking at semi-permanent options here.

The color might fade away eventually but it’ll still last quite long. Wearing a bold color every day can be “too much” for some people. You can always show your favorite lipsticks to your artist for inspiration. If you are confident that you’ll rock a red or magenta pout at any time of the day, then there’s no one stopping you!

3.     Lip Shape

Semi-permanent makeup for lips isn’t just about adding color to them; you also get to redefine their shape. Let’s face it: not all of us are blessed with beautiful full lips. Should we simply be patient with our thin lips? Absolutely not! You now have the choice to color your lips in a way that they appear fuller. You can also get an uneven lip shape rectified with micropigmentation. In this case, the artist would match the color with your existing lips and redo the areas that require work. This fill will make your lips look natural and gorgeous.

Some Suggested Lip Shades


·        Peaches and Nudes

peach lip color


A peach or nude lip color would ideally suit a person with pale skin. This will keep the balance in contrast and make your lips appear naturally beautiful all the time.

·        Ambers and Corals

Image of a latin girl sporting a coral lip color.


Amber and coral shades are the most wanted lip colors in trend. They look wonderful on olive complexion and enhance the shape by keeping it low key and natural.

·        Reds and Pinks

Red lips


Red lips are to die for! Lips painted in the color of love would mostly suit people with light Asian complexions and yellower undertones. Bolder shades would also complement darker skin tones.

·        Oranges and Bronzes

Orange-bronze lips


Orange-based reds and bronzes look good on people with pink undertones. These shades are part of one of the most popular families of lip colors. These colors work really well with darker skin colors too.

Are you still a little perplexed? Don’t worry. We are here to help. Too many options can confuse you too. Hence, we suggest that you pick the shades you love and consult us to narrow down your options until you have the right lip color!

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