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Top 5 Latest Eyebrow Trends

If eyes are the gateways to the soul, eyebrows are certainly the arches that make them aesthetically pleasing. A stunning couple of brows can complete your ‘perfect look’. Eyebrows have the power to give definition to your face, that’s why it’s extremely important to groom them. Get to know what suits your face and check out the latest brow trends. Brows indeed have their very rich and popular history– the uber-thin arch, the cupid’s bow of the 1920s, the angled arches of bombshell Marilyn Monroe in the 50s, Madonna’s bushy brows in the 80s, or the filled-in full brows of the Kardashians today, eyebrow trends have defined entire decades as well as the fashionistas that rocked them.

Unlike previous eras, the age of social media has made it nearly impossible to ignore what’s in. It’s 2019 and ladies surely love to be on the top of their brow game. Since trends are changing by the minute, we have done some research for our beautiful readers about the latest eyebrow trends. Read on to know the top 5 latest eyebrow trends that you must know to stay ahead of your arches!


Kylie Jenner sporting the “Instagram Brows” look

The infamous Instagram brow took the fashion world by storm. The trend started in 2014 and continued to gain popularity as beauty bloggers and trained and amateur online makeup artists flaunted their defined brows through their viral Insta posts and makeup tutorials. This trend is heavily dependent upon the art of contouring and filling the brows to give them a dramatized effect. This look became Kylie Jenner’s signature eyebrow look.

This brow begins with a softer and lighter shade and gets deeper and more defined as it reaches the tail. This creates an ombre effect. Hollywood celebrities have been seen adorning this swoon-worthy, polished, and heavily contoured brow look at multiple instances.


Image of Saoirse Ronan with Au Naturale Brows at the movie premiere of The Host


After the highly defined, painted brow look, the trend is shifting towards more natural-looking eyebrows. Au naturale brows are all about celebrating the natural shape of the brows with the tiny spaces within. This look is the most easily attainable and low maintenance look for your brows.  Depending on the individual skin tone, brow tints are added to the natural growth to get a fuller brow look. Cara Delevingne’s au naturale brows have got everyone yearning for them. “Lady Bird” star Saoirse Ronan also flaunts this look flawlessly by leaving the brows in their natural appearance; however, you may use a pair of tweezers to get rid of some strays to achieve a rather cleaner natural look.


Kiernan Shipka with her Feathered Brows


When it comes to the feathered brows, one size does fit all. This suits all brow shapes and sizes. You can make your eyebrows look instantly fuller, even if they have certain sparse spaces. The trend is shifting towards a messier look. Apply brow gel to add volume to the brow and brush the hair upwards and outwards to get the feathered look. The gel will hold the hair. You can also draw lighter strokes underneath to create the illusion of individual brow hair. Blend the strokes with a spoolie. Avoid overdoing the strokes!


: Image of Dakota Fanning at the "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" Los Angeles Premiere


Soft arches are replacing the pointed arches, according to the latest trends. Gentle, softer curves, instead of angular arches, are the new favorites. This look is achieved by using brow powder in place of a brow pencil. Using a brush, apply the powder and then blend it well with a spoolie.


Kate Bosworth’s Eyebrows with straight tails


Straighter brow tails give your face a more angular look, just like a facelift. This trend is a great way to keep your brows on fleek! Straight tails make the arch less prominent. The downward hairs are removed to make your brows straighter. You can also use makeup to trace the tail up and out, towards the temples.


Additional trends like dyed and highlighted brows are also quite popular. You can have fun with your brows by adding a pop of vibrant color. Highlighting, on the other hand, is quite easy: simply apply a slick of highlighter on the brow bone and blend to emphasize the lift and shape of the brow.

The latest microblading technology gives you the freedom to adopt any of these              brow styles. Waxing, threading, plucking, and penciling the eyebrows to achieve these looks can be tiresome. Hollywood divas have certainly realized it and are shifting towards microblading or eyebrow tattoos. The semi-permanent makeup technology creates an illusion of hair by drawing hair-like strokes with a microblading pen. If you are wondering which of these trends would suit your face or how you can make eyebrow grooming hassle-free, contact the professionally trained artists at Simply Beauty to get the answers!

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