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10 Reasons Why Permanent Makeup is Right for You

Cosmetic procedures are gaining popularity with each passing day. While some ladies love experimenting with their looks, others can be a little skeptical about making permanent changes in their features. Getting pigments injected into your skin is a big decision. The results can last from a few months to a few years. It is indeed a big step. It’s natural to have doubts and reservations about going under the cosmetic needles but permanent makeup might be just the thing you need.

Here are 10 reasons to prove that permanent makeup is right for you:

1. You Have Sensitive Skin

Mainstream makeup products and cosmetics can be a nightmare for those who have sensitive and acne-prone skin. Experiencing breakouts, allergies, and skin problems whenever you apply makeup can be a real turn off. Permanent makeup, on the other hand, boosts your confidence and gives you the freedom to revamp your looks and get your desired features without having to worry about your sensitive skin.

2. You Are a Busy Bee

Gone are the times when makeup was considered ‘a party thing’. Whether you are a celebrity, a businesswoman, or a college diva, looking your best regularly has become more of a necessity. However, waking up early to follow your makeup routine every morning can be both tiresome and time-consuming. As a busy bee, you are always looking for fast-paced options. Permanent makeup is the ultimate solution for busy ladies. Getting permanent eyeliner, eyelashes, or brows, save you from spending hours doing your eye makeup.

3. You Are a Fitness Freak

If you are one of those sporty girls who love breaking a sweat in the gym or on the sports field, permanent makeup is meant for you. Exercise should be an integral part of your daily routine, but ladies often look like a character from a horror movie when they walk out that gym after burning some calories. Similarly, swimming with your makeup on is a complete no-no. Permanent makeup saves you from bleeding mascaras and smudged lipstick, giving you a look that won’t bleed, fade, or vanish.

4. You Are Bad At Makeup Techniques

Let’s face it; not everyone is James Charles! Forget being a makeup artist, some people can’t even hold the blush-on brush correctly. If you are one of those who can never apply makeup perfectly, no matter what, then it’s time to get permanent makeup done. With permanent makeup, you don’t have to worry about not having steady hands, lacking creativity, being a failure at applying the same eyeliner on both eyes, or ending up with “too much” or “too little” makeup. Cosmetic tattooing is performed by a trained professional, which means you are in trustworthy hands.

5. You Have Physical Impairments

People suffering from physical impairments, disabilities, and diseases that interfere with their motor skills can often find it challenging or sometimes impossible to apply makeup. When a person is already facing a health issue, it might be too much to expect perfect makeup from him/her. People lose the will to look beautiful or to socialize because of this. Permanent makeup can help people with physical impairments and disabilities to look as beautiful as celebrities do.

6. You Hate Running For Touch-up

You are going to a party and you’ve already invested a good hour on getting your makeup done. Instead of enjoying the party, you had to run to the restroom to touch up your makeup now and then. This can be very frustrating! A cosmetic regime takes a lot of time and still needs constant monitoring. With permanent makeup, you can say good-bye to constant touch-ups. Once done, it’ll last for months before needing a follow-up or touch-up visit.

7. You Are Spending A Fortune On Makeup

Going on cosmetic shopping? Well, you better carry all your credit cards. According to money magazine, a woman spends a whopping $15000 during her lifetime on just makeup products! And, $3000 is spent on just mascara! If you too feel like you have no savings left after you walk out of Sephora, it’s time to consider permanent makeup. Permanent makeup is a smart investment and helps you save the money you used to spend on beauty products. So, you’re getting beautiful and rich at the same time- Wow!

8. You Want a “Natural” Look

When you apply makeup, it looks like you’ve applied makeup. Duh! But that’s what some people don’t like. Women wish to get compliments on their natural beauty, not their makeup skills. If you are tired of blending and contouring and want to look naturally beautiful all the time, permanent makeup can help you with that goal. You can give a fuller look to your natural eyebrows or get a more defined arch without making them appear all painted and filled in. You can also get more uniform-looking lips that might have lost their pigments with age or due to unhealthy habits.

9. You Need Expert Help

You don’t have to be a beauty guru to appear gorgeous. Some people just can’t decide on which look is right for them or what style would suit their natural features. Permanent makeup has more to do with accentuating your natural beauty, rather than transforming you all together. You can book an appointment with a permanent makeup artist to get expert advice about which lip color would suit your skin color or which eyebrow look is trending these days.

10. You like Makeup, But Not All the Time

Permanent makeup can provide you a better palate to work on. You don’t have to wear makeup all the time, and when you do wish to glam up, you’ll have a superior quality base and a great foundation to work on. You get the freedom to apply makeup over your permanent makeup if you wish to create a more dramatic look, and you can wash your face and consider yourself good to go. It all depends on your choice and occasion.


If you are still confused about whether permanent makeup is right for you or not, visit us at Simply Beauty. We are here to answer all your queries!

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