Microneedling is a value-adding addition to your beauty treatment profile. This treatment is high in demand across the globe, including the United Kingdom. The procedure features small needles that are pricked into the skin that generate new collagen and repairs skin tissue for firmer, toned, and smoother skin. The procedure helps improve aging signs, scarring, stretch marks, acne scarring, and skin elasticity.
Enrol with us today for quality training in Microneedling. This one-day course is very hands-on. It consists of both theory and practical.

Mariana Olexiuc—Your Experienced Microneedling Trainer

This is a one day intensive training course in Microneedling led by our experienced and certified trainer Mariana Olexiuc. It is a fully insuredand accredited ABT training course designed to provide candidates with quality and professional training that they need to grow their business.

Mariana will share her knowledge and experience to equip you with the skills and tools that you need to perform this course smoothly and with sheer confidence.

To ensure that candidates complete the course with full satisfaction, Mariana only enrols two people in one classroom. This helps our trainer impart quality training on a one-on-one basis, helping you become comfortable and confident with the fundamentals of Microneedling and its procedure.

Our trainer will provide train you like an expert from teaching you how to perform an accurate skin assessment and how to devise a tailored treatment using your patient’s concerns, condition and skin type. All this information will help you select the right length of needle that should be used during the treatment for the best results. Mariana will comprehensively cover potential side-effects and complications including pre and post treatment. This will help students to practice to a high standard.

Candidate Requirements

This course is available for candidates with no qualification. .

Course Content

Course content covers both theory and practical. It includes:

Upon completion of our Microneedling training course, you will be able to add Microneedling to your service portfolio, and offer it at your private practice.

For more information about the microneedling training course, price structure, or to enrol with us, call on 07702 040670.